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Online Business

Who Uses This Powerful Offline Business Marketing Strategy?

Here’s a fantastic and very old, but under-used offline business marketing strategy that can explode your local business profits!
On TV recently, I have been watching a new television about restaurant business renovation. It’s called the “Kitchen Job” and is hosted by “John Palino”. I suppose you could say it’s …

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Tips For Marketing A Small Business Effectively

I get asked often by friends of mine who run small businesses about marketing strategy. Today, there are so many tools at a business owner’s fingertips that allow them to market their small business effectively and efficiently without breaking the bank. In fact, there are many things you can do …

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How to Maximize Local PR

Whereas I’m a big believer in going national if you have a strong story, there is a lot to be said for regional and local PR coverage. If you live in a major media city such as Los Angeles or New York, local media placement can be challenging because in …

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7 More Online Small Business Promotion Visitor Pointers

Online small business marketing success cannot happen without traffic. What you build online really doesn’t matter if you cannot get traffic coming to your projects.
This is exactly where the problem arises.
Exactly how do you build traffic to a Blog, Website or other Web creative? Creating a Web project …