Creating a Native Landscape in Melbourne

Native trees and plants are those that are indigenous to a specific area through natural occurrence or development over a long period of time. Over time native plants adapt to the soil, climate, and other conditions of the area. This process is important to the ecosystem. Not only do the plants and trees benefit from their natural habitat but they also create what can be considered a plant community where interaction between species becomes vital to optimal health and survival. Native trees are beneficial to the soil, their neighboring plants, insects, and wildlife alike, and are an important step to consider when planning landscaping.

Melbourne, Australia is unique for its diverse native trees. The climate in Melbourne can range anywhere from arid deserts to wet rain forests. This creates a sheer variety of species and habitats for trees to grow and flourish. There are many tree services and specialists that can help if the process of choosing the right trees native to the area feels overwhelming.

Although there are quite a few Australian native trees Melbourne has some of the most iconic and popular trees in the area. The Eucalyptus tree is a fast-growing tree that can be spotted throughout all areas of Melbourne. It is considered extremely hardy and comes in a staggering amount of varieties and types. The many species of eucalyptus trees can range from shrub size to large trees of substantial height. It is also notable for its many uses discovered by horticulturists and researchers. The oils of the eucalyptus tree have been used for fragrances, as an insect repellent, and in fuels.

Another tree favorite of the area is the Banksia tree. This particular tree was actually brought to Australia by the British in the 1700s and has adapted to its environment over time. It is quite a stunning tree with is unique features of spiked, corn-shaped flowers and majestic branches. It is commonly referred to as the Australian honeysuckle and is a heavy producer of nectar which provides a necessary food source to nectarivorous animals.

Another common tree that can be seen in Melbourne is the Illawarra Flame tree. With its characteristic red flowers, it is commonly referred to my many Australians as the flame tree. This particular native tree is commonly seen throughout the Canberra region and is a favorite in many Melbourne gardens.

No matter which area of the world, whether it be the colder climate of the northern hemisphere, the tropics of the southern hemisphere, or an arid desert area, it is important to consider native trees and plants when planning a landscape. Choosing native trees will not only make the job of gardening and growing an easier task, but it will also help the environment through its unique ecosystem. A native garden will ensure the good health and natural abundance that enables not only plants and trees to thrive but insects and wildlife as well. Choosing a local tree service professional is the first step in creating the perfect native habitat.