Finding the Right Gift For A New Dad

So you just got a text message at work thru a friend of a friend that your best man has become a Father himself that morning. Even though you don’t smoke you know he loves tobacco products and your wondering what you can do to kill two birds with one stone; that is, congratulate him on becoming a Dad and make him happy with a personal gift that he’ll enjoy.

Choosing Options Carefully
There are probably as many options as you can think of-of the top of your head: it could be snuff, cigars (which there are many kinds), a cigar cutter, cigarette case, lighters, and many other things. All of a sudden you remember just a few days ago in conversation he was thinking of changing from cigars to the tobacco pipe and now you feel you are in the ballpark for a nice gift. That is if you are fortunate enough to have a place to shop for tobacco products in the town you live in. At one time there were more than 80,000 cigar manufacturers in the United States, but that is an era gone by. Today it is the same as the number of smoke shops across the United States. The most recent count is around 8000 smoke shops across the States. Your friend will be joining an illustrious group of well known pipe smokers.

Smoking Pipe Manufacturers
Today in the United States there are more than 70 pipe manufacturers across the United States. I have a friend who recently moved out West-I call Colorado out West- to Denver. If he’s looking for smoking pipes wheat ridge co is the place where he goes. He tells me that Wheat Ridge has over 30 shops where he can shop to find what he wants and he can’t find the new smoking pipe he’s looking for the next shop is not far away.

Tips for Purchasing a Pipe
Here are a few tips my friend shared with me on shopping for the right pipe. The number one rule he emphasized is to purchase the pipe you will like. In the case of your friend, you will have to do the best you can and ask the shop owner if your friend will have the option of returning the pipe for one that he may enjoy better? Most shop owners will do a favor for a new Dad. Simply tell them this is a gift and be sure to tell your friend you’ve already worked out with the shop owner. To make the return easier ask the shop owner for his card and signature so you can give to your friend to give on return.

Rule Number Two
Check for knicks, scratches, and anything that may be damaged goods. Along with blemishes in the pipe consider the finish and the quality of the grain of the pipe. No one has to tell you the last rule, which is the pricing. Of course, for a new Dad, it is a special occasion and that is up to the gift giver. Armed with all these tips and suggestions you should have no trouble in selecting the right gift for your friend.